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donation will be directed to those who need it most.

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Simon House of Cards: For Individuals

What Your Money Can Do:

What you Get With Our Compliments:

The Minimum donation for individuals to take part in the Simon House of Cards is €100

  • You Support enables us to help vulnerable rough sleepers
    with basic needs such as warm clothing, sleeping
    bags, food, medical assistance
    and kindness from a
    friendly face.
  • This year, we strive to empower people to access, secure
    and retain a home of their own.
  • Moving people from emergency accommodation to
    permanent supported housing, in their own
    community, is a cost effective method that produces life
    enhancing and life saving results.
  • By donating this Christmas, you will be making a difference
    to some of the most disadvantaged people in our
  • Your help will provide a secure future for men,
    women and families whose street to street existence
    has become too harsh, dangerous and costly.
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How do I get involved?

To register for the Simon House of Cards Appeal 2017 please click here.
For further information contact our team on Callsave 1850 462 462 or email h%o%c!@!d%u!b$s!i$m%o!n%.%i!e